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About Imola in musica

Imola in musica was founded in 1996 with the intention of offering all music lovers the opportunity to enjoy a miscellaneous program of totally free musical events. Organized by the Culture and Promotion department of the town, it takes place in the historic center of Imola end May-early June.

During the years it has been enriched by diversified cultural moments becoming a very complex project that includes concerts of all kinds (from pop music to rock, from classical to opera, jazz, popular, etc.) with musicians coming also from abroad and artistic performances such as dance, painting and exhibitions.

The event has become an important artistic happening in our region Emilia-Romagna, bringing Imola onto the national scene thanks to the originality and innovation of a program that is capable of constant evolution. The slogan that accompanies Imola in Musica is also its most authentic mission, because it emphasizes the variety of the cultural offer: "Three days to see, hear and enjoy the city."

The program opens with numerous possibilities for entertainment, including concerts in many picturesque locations all around the old town such as courtyards, squares, gardens and historic buildings. We can hear buskers playing along the main roads and visit exhibitions and artistic installations in museums and galleries. For the occasion, the finest historical and architectural sites are open to the public and guided tours are organised around the city. Many cafè and restaurants offer musical events in their premises, together with food and wine tastings.

Thanks to the many forms of entertainment and the presence of important names of the music scene (just to mention a few: Roberto Vecchioni, Irene Grandi, Simon Webbe, Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio, Pino Daniele, Edward Jackson, Conjure, Quinto Rigo, Eugenio Finardi, Luca Carboni, Nina Zilli, Francesco De Gregori, Fiorella Mannoia, Stadium, Paolo Belli, Modena City Ramblers, Enrico Ruggeri) the event has attracted an increasingly wide audience (the 2016 edition had an estimated attendance of 90,000 persons).

The program also gives space to artists and youth music groups, to new proposals, to the students of music schools and to various opportunities of interculturalism. Among the various partners of the event we remember the MEI (Meeting of Independent) with whom we share the commitment to independent music production of quality

From 2006 a special prize "Imola in Musica” has been awarded to distinguished musicians of Emilia-Romagna known to combine local traditions with contemporary forms of music.

Finally Imola in musica has been selected for Effe Label since 2015 together with over 700 art and musical festival in Europe.